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Kawaii Kon (Kauai Con)

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Another weekend come and gone, this one a little different from the rest.  Today marks the last day of our local three day anime convention, Kawaii Kon.  I stopped by a couple times on Saturday to check it out, somehow I remember it being better when I went three years ago, but overall I guess it wasn’t too bad. The highlight of the event was probably the giant totoro that would occasionally make the rounds, with an eager crowd of followers trailing just behind.

More pictures of the con up on my flickr page.  There was a group of people cosplaying Blazblue characters but I didn’t get a good chance to get their picture.  I did end up spending some money (besides the 25 bucks for a day pass and 10 bucks overall for parking).  In the end I got a bunch of small things that I probably didn’t need, but it ended up adding up to be a substantial amount of money. Oh well, my credit card bill was a little lower than I expected so I get to spread the debt over into next month, which should be a more frugal month.  I guess in the end I’m happy I went; it was better than staying at home all day.