Got some new books

I somehow managed to be part of a feature on optimistic penguin’s blog!  She is doing a feature on figure photographers that inspire her and she has some great people featured in her currently ongoing spotlight series.  She herself is a great photographer and her blog is definitely worth checking out.  There are some great reviews and comics to be seen ^^!  Looking at all the other great photos makes me realize how I need to put more thought into my compositions.  Hopefully that aspect of my photography will improve as I get more comfortable behind the lens.

On to my most recent splurge…

Got some new books today.  This is probably the fastest I’ve ever got something I’ve ordered via EMS.  Got my shipping confirmation e-mail from HMV Japan on Monday afternoon and it arrived via post this morning.  Shipping cost was a bitch, but everything arrived safe and sound.

  • Hayate no Gotoku vol. 23 & 24
  • Esprit vol. 5
  • K-ON! Official Band Score Part 2
  • K-ON! Artbook with magazine cover and tribute illustrations

This brings my manga collection pretty much back up to date, with the exception of あっち、こっち.  Didn’t even realize a new volume came out for that one.  The K-ON! stuff is pretty good, probably try to learn a couple new songs from the character singles later on.  The artbook has some nice tribute arts, kind of makes me want to start drawing again.

In other news, I caught a cold a little earlier in the week, hopefully it goes away soon.  Every time I catch a cold it seems to aggravate my anxiety symptoms so been trying to take it easy, although work will be super busy until at least mid-May. I have a site visit to go to tomorrow afternoon on the other side of the island so hopefully things go okay.  Other than that, gotta try not to spend too much money and start saving again.  Is till have pre-orders pending that will probably trickle in towards the end of the April to early May but I should have enough funds stashed away to cover it.  March really did a number on my bank account -_-.

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