I used to think the hardest part about drawing (besides the actual drawing part) was trying to figure out something to draw. Now after a week of trying to draw something everyday, I’m beginning to think finding the time to actually do it might be harder. Anyway, this time I tried to draw something that I actually tried to draw before in MS Paint, only this time I tried it using SAI. It’s a pic of Taiga from the Toradora manga, think it’s from chapter 3 or something.  I remember thinking the first time around how tricky it was because of the angle. Can’t say that’s changed this time around.

I think after a few months of this, maybe I’ll be able to see the image of what I’m trying to draw before I even draw it, but for now I’ll stick to using references and try to get down the basics. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try using a photo as a reference again.  And for fun, here’s a link to the original MS Paint version I did several months back.

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