Need a longer “weekend”

Another weekend come and gone. I really should’ve gone out but I ended up wasting the day away in my apartment again. I messed around with Fruity Loops for a bit, played some IIDX, and drew another pic to continue my goal of drawing something everyday. The song turned out bad so I uploaded a mixed down version lacking the diarrhea that was once cast upon it. The pic I drew is a rip of one of Noizi Ito’s works, and featured in an artbook of her’s I recently got. I think when her third one comes out I’ll probably end up ordering it.

Anyway, check the music page for the new song and below for a scaled down sketch of page 30 or so in Noizi’s artbook, KA-E-N.  Hopefully as the year goes on I’ll get better and be able to create my own original works that don’t look like ass.

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