Long day

Today felt like a pretty long day, not sure why though.  Bought a 250GB portable hard drive from Best Buy and an Insignia bluetooth stereo headset.  Can’t say the headset is the greatest in the world, but not bad for 30 bucks.

I also took some time to clean up and update my old laptop.  That thing is a clunker at 1.6Ghz and 512MB of ram, but it might make a good torrent box.  It only draws about 20 watts of power so my electricity bill would probably go down a few bucks a month if I used that for torrenting and shut down my desktop when I’m not using it.  Unfortunately that didn’t leave me with much time to draw, so I just uploaded a sketch I did a week or two ago.  Aria fans might recognize it as coming from one of the pages in the third Amano Kozue artbook, Cielo.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll try drawing Hatsune Miku in Ito Noizi’s style.

In addition to that I’m going to try to clean up the blog a bit by grouping together the pics at the top of the blog rather than having them in individual posts.  I still need to figure out the logistics of that one, but I should have it done by the end of the long weekend.

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