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Almost forgot about this thing…

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Haven’t been up to much lately. Taking the LEED NC exam in three weeks so I’ll probably be busy studying for that instead of not doing anything like I usually do. Been playing a bit of piano, got that second movement of Pathetique down more or less, haven’t really been putting the time to learn anything else. Been fiddling with my electric fiddle every so often, nothing much to say about that either.

Been getting back into minidisc for some reason, blew a bunch of cash on that for no good reason other than probably nostalgia and maybe fairly high quality stereo recording. We’ll see how much use I get out of that stuff, considering that even the new recorders are probably a year or two old since it’s been out of production for a while. Should be fun though. Started a savings account so I would stop wasting money on crap like that, so should see less impulse spending in the future. However…

List of things I’ll probably end up buying sooner or later:

  • Electronic drum set, like the violin, something I’ve been meaning to get for a while.
  • New digital piano, if the action on my current one ends up being inadequate, assuming I keep playing to a level where I can play La Campanella (yeah sure, aim high).
  • Maybe a real violin, if I get halfway decent within the next five years or so, or if my el cheapo one breaks, I guess.
  • Headphone amplifier, which would mean I’d need to procure myself a set HD600′s.
  • Orbit gum, citrus mint flavour (old version, need to buy these up soon before they are all gone).
  • Other random impulse crap to keep me entertained for a few weeks at a time.

Maybe I’ll look back at this in a year and see if anything changes.  In the meantime, why did I buy a new sketchbook when I haven’t drawn anything in like two or three months?  Good thing I started that savings account…