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Back from the dead…

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Think it’s about time I actually started keeping this blog up to date.  Going to try to turn commenting back on, hopefully it doesn’t get flooded with spam comments about prescription drugs like the last time.

Dirty worktopBeen keeping up with my photography hobby so far.  Overspent a bit on the figure purchasing, but it’s proving to be a fun hobby to snap pictures of them and collect them.  Spending a lot of time here and there checking up on Tsuki-board, the community there is pretty great and the database is pretty expansive.  I tried my hand at writing a couple of figure reviews this month; it can be kind of draining but at least I hope I’m contributing a bit and providing some additional info about those figures through images and words.

Right now I’m in save money mode, pretty much just spending money on food and other necessities until I can save up some money to splurge on a new lens or something.  So far I cancelled one figure pre-order, Kotobukiya’s Kasugano Sora.  Sad to see it slip out of my fingers but at the same time it was an impulse pre-order so I can probably do without it.

Anime-wise so far this new season has been pretty dismal but I guess we’ll see as the season continues on; maybe some shows will start to pique my interest a bit more.  Arakawa Under the Bridge seems to be showing promise in a Gag Manga Biyori type of way, and of course there’s the new season of K-ON!!.  There’s a few other shows I’ll probably keep watching, maybe something interesting will happen.  I guess I’m just kinda sad to see some of the shows from last season end, like Nodame Finale and Bakatest.  If anything proves to be good enough maybe I’ll start blogging about a couple of shows.

Work-wise things have been busy, but I guess that’s good.  Stress is starting to get to me a bit but hopefully when things start slowing down (hopefully) I’ll be able to take some time off and relax.  Entered a charity golf tournament next month with some guys at work, hopefully my anxiety issues don’t bother me.  If they don’t that should be pretty fun.  I told them to give me a 20 handicap…I wonder if that could be considered sandbagging >:D.

I need to get around to sorting all the music in my collection, haven’t updated my Zune in months and I keep forgetting to use the 10 monthly credits from my Zune pass.  Been playing my drums pretty much everyday but I need to start playing along to some harder songs.  Dusted off my guitar a bit and started learning 「私の恋はホッチキス」 from K-ON!.  It’s proving to be a fun distraction.

Art-wise, been doodling a bit here and there.  It’s not a priority so I guess that will do for now.

I probably won’t be updating this blog daily or anything, but if anybody is reading this, expect updates at least a couple of times a week.

Still alive

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Got fatter during the past couple months; gained some muscle, too.  I forget how much I weighed when I made the last post, but I weigh about 155 lbs now.  In the meantime I’ve been collecting pens and drawing on actual paper now and again.  Still copying stuff I see in manga and what not though.

Survival Level 12

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

I will have survival normal level 12 in sf4 beat with Chun by the end of the week, just have to learn to be more patient. In the meantime, been watching too much anime with Maria in the title.

Lazy Sunday

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Drew a panel from the Aria manga since I haven’t drawn in a couple days and couldn’t think of anything to draw.  I pasted the original panel in the corner for comparison.  My proportions are still a little off but it’s getting there.  Probably do the next few drawings using photo reference and maybe drawing Black Rock Shooter Miku in some weird pose or something.

TV or me?

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Finding some of the combos in SF4 with Chun pretty difficult to do; trying to link light kick lightning legs into down medium kick super ain’t easy. I think I’ll practice Chun’s challenges everyday, hopefully it’ll help with my execution and get me more used to charge moves. Seems like my TV lags a little, but probably not enough to screw me over. I’ll probably also work on improving my reaction time and reading the opponent more during the match. Right now I’m still in the just stick a move out and hope it hits mentality.

Back to the pic a day thing, finally drew another one. This time I decided to add this link to the original pic as a way to compare. Unfortunately I’m not sure who drew the original, but mad props to them cause they got mad skillz. If anybody reading this knows who did the original, feel free to leave a comment.