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Another lazy day

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Didn’t really do much today.  I tried to draw a picture of Hatsune Miku like I was saying earlier, but it didn’t turn out good.  Spent a lot of time on it too. Maybe I’ll work on it more later and fix the shading and lineart, then again probably not. Seems like I should stick to copying stuff for now and study lighting and shadows; get a better image in my mind of what I’m trying to draw and come up with a style that suits me. Maybe I’ll do what my friend suggested and start a webcomic once I get back into the drawing groove.

In other news, I found some old mp3′s of stuff I made, check the music page to go listen to that stuff, nothing special. Listening to old stuff kind of makes me want to make new stuff. There needs to be more hours in a day.

Long day

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

Today felt like a pretty long day, not sure why though.  Bought a 250GB portable hard drive from Best Buy and an Insignia bluetooth stereo headset.  Can’t say the headset is the greatest in the world, but not bad for 30 bucks.

I also took some time to clean up and update my old laptop.  That thing is a clunker at 1.6Ghz and 512MB of ram, but it might make a good torrent box.  It only draws about 20 watts of power so my electricity bill would probably go down a few bucks a month if I used that for torrenting and shut down my desktop when I’m not using it.  Unfortunately that didn’t leave me with much time to draw, so I just uploaded a sketch I did a week or two ago.  Aria fans might recognize it as coming from one of the pages in the third Amano Kozue artbook, Cielo.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll try drawing Hatsune Miku in Ito Noizi’s style.

In addition to that I’m going to try to clean up the blog a bit by grouping together the pics at the top of the blog rather than having them in individual posts.  I still need to figure out the logistics of that one, but I should have it done by the end of the long weekend.

Kinda wet outside

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Rained a bit today, fortunately for me I was stuck indoors pretty much all day. Decided to do a quick sketch of some person holding an umbrella. I figure if I keep trying to draw at least a pic a day, eventually one of these days I’ll start getting good at it.

Also, I read something online about commenting out a couple of lines in wp-config.php to get UTF-8 support working right. 二次元キャラ最高だ! So long as that’s not a bunch of ??? I guess it worked.

Getting under the hood

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

I started looking for ways to have someone enter the site through a different url and have the blog limit which categories they can see, essentially creating a blog within a blog, or I guess more of a sub-blog within a blog. Right now it isn’t much of a priority, but in the future it might be useful. Hopefully there’s an easy way to do it through the theme and maybe plugins, that way I don’t have to dig too deep.

Theme tweaking and theme switching…

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Messed around with the default theme a bit more. Decided to move the search bar up into the header and add the ability for the user to switch between light and dark versions of the theme. Minus the fact that the header image was quickly thrown together and the themes were based around it, maybe with a little more tweaking the themes will look decent. Right now the colors are still pretty off.

Besides the wonderful world of CSS, maybe this weekend I’ll start drawing again and dust off the ol’ guitar, might even fire up Fruity Loops again, who knows.